KeepAlert CO₂, Temperature and Humidity monitor

Price: $ 275.00


Measures CO₂, temperature and humidity

Poor ventilation or sub-standard air conditioning can cause carbon dioxide levels to rise quickly, even in an open plan office. Raised CO2 levels can lead to poor concentration, drowsiness, fatigue, headaches and nausea.

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CO₂ Monitoring

Increase productivity and protect your health by ensuring appropriate air quality

Temperature Monitoring

Hot offices lead to decreased concentration and lower productivity

Humidity Monitoring

High humidity makes offices uncomfortable, even at normal temperatures

  • Desktop or wall mounted
  • Modern design with large, easy-read LCD
  • Bright LEDs for status and alerts
  • Store up to 32,000 readings
  • Convenient USB interface for power and data transmission
  • Measures up to 9999ppm CO₂
  • Easy-to-use PC software